“Happy People Add Real Value”

“New World Workshops “HDI(human diversity impact) The momentum to become more inclusive is recognised as being  essential in many organisations. HDI workshops provide an understanding of the unintentional consequences of our business processes.  We can become more diverse and in so doing enjoy the benefits. Learn about the simple changes that have a huge impact.

“New World Coach” Having a blueprint to follow isn’t enough.  It isn’t realistic to undertake all necessary changes in-house without support.  In the gig economy we increasingly outsource to specialists.  Some organisations will build this expertise in-house so a period of coaching will be necessary.


“Happy HR”  So you want to be an exemplar employer as well as complying with legal obligations. The outsourced Happy HR service includes  a management coaching component providing the latest thinking and approaches for exceptional enterprises. A monthly retainer arrangement provides an enhanced, easy and value-added solution.

“Executive Counselling”  It is vital to retain top talent in order to grow.  Most executives at some point find themselves going through a challenging time.  Sometimes, challenge from inside the business, sometimes from personal situations resulting in risk for the business.  It makes sense to provide impartial support.