International Alliance expedites professional, personal and business development, enabling organisations and executives to maximise the potential of emerging markets, technologies and strategic networks.

Through our events, we ensure clients have experiences that open up possibilities for growth. We travel to locations that are both interesting and difficult to achieve alone, from our Windsor Insights consultation series within the grounds of Windsor Castle to behind the scenes of some of the most successful businesses in China. We facilitate executive development by supplying strategic and high-level insight in markets such as: Mexico, UK, UAE, Singapore, China, US and Japan.

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Join us for a 24 hour experience within the grounds of Windsor Castle for a full day of facilitated discussions between delegates and experts, debating priorities and solutions. Business leaders will share their opinions and insights so that a deeper understanding of the issues is gained through frank, open discussion.

Upcoming dates:

  • 6 September 2019


A global rolling programme that explores the six Ds of digitisation and exponential growth strategies. These sessions will incorporate case studies of innovation and action, emotional and compassionate resilience and its impact on the bottom line.


China - Japan – Mexico - USA – Dubai, UAE – Singapore – UK

Join us on one of our premium and highly effective 4-day experiences as we travel together to explore business locations in Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Europe.

The purpose of our international roadshow is to provide you with:

  • Strategic introductions, new insights, latest analysis and new trends;
  • Opportunity to promote your brand/initiative to influencers and the local business community;
  • Sky Lab insights - a new age seminar on the very latest technologies, 21st century business models and emerging trends;
  • Experts to map out individual business strategies;
  • Tours of economic zones relevant to the delegation;
  • Company visits which provide important introductions and insight into the culture of business within that market.

Start building an understanding of new technologies, business models and the opportunities in other markets whilst creating a stronger network of contacts.

You will be in good company. Coming together are business owners, CEOs, directors, investors, entrepreneurs, technology experts, market entry experts, sales and marketing experts, diplomats, government officials, chambers of commerce advisors, industry and membership body contacts, local business leaders, hi-tech entrepreneurs.


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